Thursday, October 20, 2016


 AAALL IS WELL. A personality we thought was impossible to see in person made his maiden visit to our country. This is not the first time an international actor has visited our beautiful land. However, there is something different this time. He came not with the brand of an actor on holiday but as UNICEF South Asia’s goodwill Ambassador.

While he came with a cause, countless Bhutanese fans eagerly waited for an opportunity to meet him. For an actor rarely making his appearance in the public, expecting his presence among us at large seemed a vague possibility.

As you may call it a luck, Aamir was scheduled for an hour long conversation with young people belonging to various youth group at the Department of Youth and Sports (DYS) which happened to be his first session in the country and because the setting was cozy, it added to our (fan) advantage to see him up-close. I had never seen a crowd in Bhutan before as such. For me to be able to picturesque in writing, I had only seen such in Korean dramas where fans go crazy, literally.
I can't really put in writing the atmosphere in the hall when Aamir entered except that we were told to maintain silence but the crowd roared. After few protocols, he started the session and the entire hour consisted of Q&A.  No, the topic did not range to child stunting and the importance of breast feeding as I had expected. It was rather our chance to know him personally. It was nice.

It began with a question from a girl in the audience on the emergence of Bollywood in terms of portraying women where he talked about his latest film  Dangal. The film he said is based on true story about a man who remains unsuccessful in his dream to win gold in wrestling. Hoping to achieve it through his son, he ends up bearing four daughters and it is then he starts training his girls for his dream.

I have always thought there's got to be one thing among many aspects in a film that he looks into before committing to it. Aamir also touched on this while he encouraged us to do things we love and said chances are we will be good at it as in Success ke peeche mat bhago. Kabil bano kabil. Kambyabi sali jhak maar ke peeche ayegi. He shared with the crowed that he never does a film in the hope for it to be a blockbuster. Instead he said he should be able to connect to the character he is to play. He should feel him.

When a teacher touched on education talking about whether we were doing enough with textbooks limited teaching and learning relating to Taare Zameen Par,  Aamir said living in the digital age, answer to every question is just a click away. He said as a child he was never interested in studies and he completed only plus 12. It was only after he dropped that he was interested to learn and so he read, on many subjects. While he talked on it, he said it in manner where I felt I was watching a LIVE scene from Taree Zamin Par as he said we all have different learning abilities and those who are faster should not force those who aren't to catch their speed.

Did you know he was a state champion in tennis as a young boy?  With this Aamir also talked about his mother from whom he learned empathy. He shared incidences where he would come home winning matches and his mother would bring him tea and talk to him and ask about his game. His response would mostly be positive but his mother would worry about the little boy (his opponent) someone she would not even know the name. Aamir tells us it was such a thing for his mother to be able to feel for another unknown person and how this trait is important as a human being.

There were many other discussions being done touching on his life and more to his films which the crowd thoroughly enjoyed. There were more to be asked but the hour flew by in no time and came to an end. While everyone wanted to take a picture with him, he suggested he would make rounds in the crowd and do it. He requested the crowd to cooperate or else his men in black would take him away. He randomly joined the groups and took pictures until all were included. Before leaving, he told us that this was the first successful group pictures ever taken with countless others being an epic fail wherever he suggested the idea.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A delightful note

Mr. Naren Dubay, the CEO of Scan Cafe has always been one of the few people who makes learners like us grow years in months. Setting up one of the largest company to employ the youth, scan cafe to this day provides work for about 700 Bhutanese.

Apart from work, he has always reminded us the luxury we Bhutanese have in Bhutan abided by the concept of GNH.  Learning is a never ending journey and I am thankful to have come across him.

"You guys live in heaven! (and some of you may not realize it)'
This is what he wrote to all of us after he left the country. No, it wasn't his first visit to Bhutan. After setting up Scan Cafe few years ago, he makes frequent visit to Bhutan.
Home is where the heart is and I am personally glad that Mr. Naren feels at home in Bhutan.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Writing for pleasure

She told him she would love him and curse him the same. How can that be? It had made her too confused, confused of two feelings  lumping  at the same rate for a single person.

That's because he too had said, she would be his sweet and miserable memory is all. And that she would always have a place in his heart and mind but not in his life.

They were two person wishing they had not met because once they did, their life changed forever.
Before he met her,  he never thought he would be capable of loving a girl so hard because he had created a world where only he existed with an exception of few of his friends and family. His invited very few people in his circle.

She on the other end never thought she would one day receive love that she had not known of because she was deprived of every love, even her parent's.

Two people having a complete different notion on life, love and future met on a journey they thought they would travel together but not having known that the roads were bumpy.

Or maybe things happened for good. if they had been together they might have argued all day and night for unknown reasons. They did. Arguments were pointless.

But if things had worked out, he would have been the bread earner of the family and she a home maker. 
Was destiny playing fair on them?

I secretly dream to own a Novel and it would expand from this.

Friday, June 24, 2016


There was a session at the end of the book where several questions were asked to the readers. I have done my part reviewing it through one of the question.

Will’s right to die, and Lou’s determination to change his mind about exercising that right, is a theme that runs throughout the novel. How did you feel about Will’s decision at the end? Was it what you expected? Do you think the novel should have ended differently?

I have been telling myself I should not hover over too sentimental love stories written through some people's imagination. And the writer Jojo Moyes admits she isn't romantic in her real life. Whatever maybe the case, the story has left me pondering over and over again of their lives and believe me or not I have created my Will and Lou within my thoughts. They have started to exist and thank god, the movie is now out and I might go for it to get a proper sight of the story. Hope the movie will do justice to how beautiful the story is in the book.

Will's had my heart from the very beginning he was introduced. Characters like him make my expectations grow because the fact that I don't see him literally and I have liked him for the kind of person he is makes me want to go look for Will if a man like him ever exist and I don't mind being as stupid as Lou.

Well, from the point of Lou's entry, there never been a chapter where I saw Will withdrawing from his decision to die for good. I have known every bits of him and I didn't think of him as giving up his already made up mind. For this, I saluted him at the end.

Some people might think he is too selfish to have stirred Lou's heart and then leave her like she herself thought but I knew like I was Will's friend that he was not someone to have Lou sacrifice her entire life for him knowing she was capable of much more.

You see, great love stories do not always end on a happy note. Sometimes it's about growth. It's about how deeply you felt and how deeply it left a mark on you, memories so full it could last for  a lifetime. I wasn't cursing Will for his decision. I wasn't wondering how Lou might have lived thereafter.

                  Some stories connect us and we know things happened for a reason.

Didn't matter to them

 So a message has been inboxed for all of us by our boss. "If you had a magic wand, what are the Top-3 things that you would like to improve/change?" I don't know with what mind I wrote the following but I did it within minutes. I guess these were compiled over and over and somehow I had to release. After I was done, they told me my wishes had to be related to work. Oh! what a waste. I took nearly an hour to write the actual and intended  reply as opposed to this. Finally, I copy pasted finding it pointless to be honest.

My actual reply was the following.

First of all I would like to thank you for this interesting yet a very thoughtful question. I can't help but feel excited for it in a way captivates my imagination to freely think of what I would do given the freedom to improve or change the things they are. I am quite confused whether to relate this to the professional field exclusively but I guess if it was, then the question itself would have been specific.

To be honest, the first thing that came to me are the personal issues that I struggle with most of my days that I would like to be able to cope with, that too in a manner which would allow me to live a satisfactory life. My issues normally range within myself, an inner struggle to understand the things around me. Constantly telling myself things will fall in place or maybe I have read and heard too much that things will be okay. So if I had this power, be it only one wish, I would like to be able to find peace within myself.

I would trade my second wish to the career I have always dreamt of. I think if I stick to something that makes me happy, I will no longer feel like I exhausted myself or drained my energy, but it would simply fulfill my hunger to learn and experience whatever I can from it. With this I relate my passion for documentary making for which I place it as my secondary wish. I feel awkward to be sharing this wish of mine with you but honestly, me having joined this company has boosted me to cover what good it has been doing to my country and us, the youth in terms of employment and global exposure we are getting everyday through various lifestyles exposed to us. I am young right now and in the near future if ever I leave this company, it would be a pride for me to have worked with it.

There might be endless things I might wish for but the last wish, I would like to relate to our working environment. I would like to invest this wish in making things run smoothly in every working days. This sounds absurd because where humans are involved things can't be expected to run smoothly on a daily basis. However it would have been a pleasant sight to see all of it going the way we want it to. The company and us.