Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What has 21st century done to us?

Going back to the times of our fore fathers working in the field, with no idea on what the outside world was going through, life was still moving on. We, the beings of 21st century claim to be the civilized beings of all but little do we take into account what civilization has done to us. It has done good in making this world smaller and connecting almost everything to even landing on other planets but it is also doing us harm.

Why are people not paying heed to relationships and divorces? Where have the charm in marriage gone? Why have we blindfolded to what is happening in our society. Why are we always in the fear that, to live is to earn and save?

There is rarely any room left to give a second thought when people end things. A one night stand don't bother our generation while it was the basis for marriage in olden times.

Just a vague thought that came to my mind while people wait for me to render my time for them. I have more on this. Until next time.

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