Sunday, June 28, 2015

3:09 PM, Sunday

I am bored at this hour. Boredom makes me either sleep or write so let me choose writing this time. My choice to write comes from endless thinking. I think about the current status of my life and how far I have come.

As a young woman having just started my career I have come to a point to make sure I radiate positive vibes not just to grab my dreams but to do it in a way that will improve me as a person.

Your patience whilst you have nothing and your attitude while you have everything.
                           Peeps, take these words, It helps to reflect on lots of things.

Let me not bore you with my career subject. Everyone will have a story to where they started and where they are today.

My brain has the capacity to shift on subjects. Now I am pondering over the thought of the common subject ‘LOVE’.

My definition of love has changed from the last time I remember falling for a guy. Falling for a guy  is a heavy statement, I would rather term it infatuation.

The first time I was made aware to this subject was when puberty hit me. I don’t know what in him attracted me but without any definition on love I was infatuated to him. Some of the highlights of this stage would be hinting my friends about him through his initials on the scrap books and behaving like I was on the top of the world when he passed by me. It lasted for quite some time until he changed school. He made me nervous, can’t deny the fact but puberty failed to give me proper definition on love.

During my teenage years, I was attracted to student leaders. To me, they were usually tall, cool and basketball players. Peeping through classroom windows and keeping the track on what they were doing my definition on love became immense admiration towards their looks and talents.

As maturity hit me there were some alterations to my definition. As a literature student, engrossed in literary romantic heroes my ideals and expectations were high until I met this guy. My first love. You dream your future with them. Their favorite colors become yours. There is always them before you. They rarely fit into the criteria I have mentioned while I was in my puberty or the teenage years. Nothing matters, looks nor talents. You just fall for them. They become your significant other. I have generalized these points because many can relate. It was the point where my heart substituted my brain in taking decision. You are hardly rational. I had my share of heart breaking moments and when they were gone the world seemed depopulated. My first love taught me love is blind and deaf. Maybe that’s the reason you fall in love, you never rise.

Love is a vast subject is what I know as an adult today. You are looking for someone to spend the rest of your life. Rest of your life is quite long so you gotta be sure of whether you can make it through together. For a companion I would like to be able to stay as best friends and feel for each other like soul mates. There’s gotta be five connections. Emotional, financial, physical, sexual and intellectual. I don’t want to explain all of it but for those of you reading it, take some time to think. For me, my definition of love as an adult has made me realize love is like an iceberg theory.

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