Friday, June 19, 2015



I would like to introduce a strong figure in my life whom I consider my meymey (Grandfather). I have known him since I was a little girl and he is someone I have seen as I grew up. Several marriages between my cousins and his children, our ties became stronger.

Always radiating warm energies, he is someone I stay close to. He never ceases to fascinate me.

 Grandpa has moved on with modernization but he has firmly preserved the age old tradition. He is among those few people in Bhutan who still wear double gho, chew doma and never miss an archery game. On the other hand, his phone rings with “girl you are my love”, Yes ! his life story has taken on the dimension of an epic.
He is 90 years old but he has an active personality and so I never miss the opportunity to hear to his tales and his life stories which dates back to the reign of second King Jigme Wangchuck. 

This afternoon when I was going through the history text of Bhutan learning about Phajo Drugom Zhipo, boredom overruled me and I decided to receive oral lecture from grandpa and get a deeper insight into it.
Upon asking him about Phajo and his descendants,  to my surprise that I found out that grandpa is a descendant of Phajo’s lineage. (surprised?..well, I was too) . That was something new and my curiosity heightened and with utmost interest I listened to him.
I also found out that the ancestral home of Dampa (Phajo’s eldest son) is inherited by grandpa’s sister at the moment. Further he told me about the sacred possessions several of which they own.
Wow ! an interesting personal discovery. 
And guess what?
In this picture, I am proudly presenting the oldest and the youngest Drungdrungs.

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