Monday, July 24, 2017

After two weeks

Pardon me; I have skipped two weeks to update my blog. It would be very unreasonable to say that I was too busy. Actually, I was stressed out for the past two weeks. The former week I slacked off for the entire week because my childhood friends were here. I was stressed because I wasn’t doing much productive works and the later week I stressed out because I kept thinking about how I shouldn’t have wasted my entire week.  LOL.

For those of you, who read my posts which didn’t give you any new information but rather you had to bear with my personal nonsense stuffs for this long, I would like to thank you once again. The mere fact that somebody out there is reading and my voice is being heard especially on my rough days helps me to keep going.

Anyway I am here with news. I have decided to incorporate any information that might be useful to you guys reading and so my posts will be personal yet quite informative.For today I am going to give out some information on violence against children in Bhutan as I am currently working on this project for which I have collaborated with UNICEF.

No, it isn’t a very complicated subject. Violence against children in Bhutan is discussed in three aspects, the emotional, sexual and physical violence. As I was reading the comprehensive research, I could read between the lines and could totally relate to what the children meant when they stated about little things. As I have been through that road personally, I think little things matter when you are growing up. So for this reason, I have decided to have a cinematic approach to this episode and hence I have looked for characters to portray the forms of violence stated above.

On the other end, I am not a huge fan of heavy metal and the suicide of Chester didn’t really affect me as it did to my friends. What bothered me was his interview when he so openly discuss about his internal battles and the fact that he tried so hard to describe the neighborhood in his head.

I felt like we could connect that way.

I mean it’s usually very hard to tell people how we feel about ourselves when we are not feeling so well and that ‘neighborhood’ is surely a dangerous place.  The two Chesters, one pushing down, confused and the fact that you have money and everything people consider as means of happiness don’t help and that’s exactly what Chester was shown saying. 

And it’s the same with me. 

Not that I am anywhere near him but still. Life is as I want it to be. I have a job I always dreamt about. I have been showered with my dreams to travel the world. I have people I love and basically my life is on track but sometimes I feel so bored. I don’t see any reason why I should strive for those things because at the end we all are going to leave this world.

Anyway like always, just a random thought and no I don’t need help. Haha. I am very busy these days to think about committing suicide and I don’t want to miss my Denmark trip.

But I still have a question. If speaking  out doesn’t help fight depression, what will? 

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