Tuesday, August 1, 2017

What do I expect from Denmark?

Yay ! I am travelling to Europe. Denmark.

Ever since I heard about Denmark through a speech delivered by the former Prime Minister of Bhutan, I have always wanted to visit the Kingdom. I don’t know for what reasons but I clearly remember their taxation policy where the Prime Minister pointed out the trust the citizens had in their government.

I wasn’t very excited but now I feel the heat. When my friends asked me why I wasn’t excited, I told them I have a halt at Moscow and Putin scares me. Haha

I am going to Denmark to attend the first UNLEASH LAB wherein we will be discussing on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)and we were made to choose a specific goal. I chose Education&ICT and further down to education for women and girls.
I hope I do justice in reaching the Bhutanese story on our education system.

I am looking forward to meeting passionate young people from all around the world and know of their inspiring initiatives. Building a wide range of network always helps and it truly makes you believe in the power of a global citizen.

The days at Aarhus is surely going to be exciting as they have announced Crown princess Mary to be present along with the Prime Minister of Denmark and Hollywood actor Aston Kutcher during the award night. I literally jumped to see Salman Khan in the guest list but it wasn’t THE SALMAN KHAN but the founder of Khan Academy.

Apart from the suggestions my friends who have been to Denmark gave me,  they said maybe I should hire a bicycle and join the Danish people, not miss the boat ride or even go watch the northern lights, I am thinking of learning more about the country.
The discussions have already started online and the more material I read of Denmark, the more similarities I find between Bhutan and Denmark.
1.  Both are Kingdoms
2.  Marriage laws are similar. If a Danish marry a foreigner then the consequences is that of a Bhutanese marrying a foreigner
3.  Both are considered happiest nations

These are some of the similarities I came across over and again. I want to know more about it. This piece will hence have a follow up after my trip.

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