Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Random weekly update

It's already Tuesday and I had committed to update my blog very Monday but this is me. Very forgetful.

Yesterday was a public holiday here in Bhutan. I went to hike up to Tandi Nye. I have also resorted to hike often and spend more time with nature and of course with good friends. My friend suggested we take a cab but we resorted to my decision to walk. I have also started to walk more. It helps me sleep well.

Today has been a long day. I am almost done with my project on the LGBT+ community in Bhutan. I am pretty nervous about how my audience will rate this program. I showed few of my friends while it was still in rough cuts and they seemed to like it. Thank you to Kim, an Australian film maker who is guiding me. He told me to look for elements that surprised me and it was obvious to keep my audience glued to the program. I am learning and growing everyday as a documentary maker.

On the other end, I am struggling to complete an essay a Korean magazine wanted from Bhutan. I am writing on Bomena, the night hunting culture in Bhutan. I will share on my blog once they publish it.

And on a lighter note, I am not forgetting to be content with my own company. I have started to focus more than ever to improve myself in every aspect.

And I am learning to forgive people who are gone and more than this, I am still learning to let go. I know I will be there someday.

Thank you for reading. It sure made me feel lighter.

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