Tuesday, July 14, 2015

At times, an advisor

Giving out advice is not in me but it is mandatory with your friends especially when they look up to you with eyes full of questions. With a year older in this human race, let a year old senior speak, will you?

Friend:  Hey what do you think is more important, money or career?

Me:  Career. Hmm..money..nah..hmmm..both. (We laughed)
 ‘well for now, since I hardly have to support anyone I think I will have to focus on my career. Experience is what matters to me. Once I am trained and capable, I think money will come to me naturally”
    We giggle
Friend: embay mo

This was a casual conversation between me and my friend last night and now that I reflect back, I could read between the lines the serious tone that existed. Observing my friend who is soon going to join thousand others for the Preliminary Examinations, I sensed that she is worried of what lie ahead. This was what I went through a year back, with future that seemed so confusing. For all my friends in a similar situation right now, keep the bar of worry to minimal but don’t be too lazy to at least know what you want. You don’t want to sit for PE? Fine. Don’t do just to fit in the bandwagon. To see my friend in such a mood makes me want to reflect on myself so that I can give out some encouragement.
‘I have learned to grab hold of all the opportunities that come my way’ is what I told her and I think experience is the best teacher.
Dear friends, don’t be pressurized for anything if you think you don’t belong there, follow your dreams.

              That was quite a thought (haha)

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