Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Nge Sem gi Story : the path forgotten

How far can an individual in their teens go to pursue their passion?

The stereotypical notion in our society is to have a son or a daughter completing their degree and joining as a civil servant. It might have worked for the previous generations but now times have changed and so have our priorities.

Nge sem gi story, a short film consisting of youth all in their teens depicts the story of their parent’s expectations versus their passion.  A teenager is considered incapable of deciding what he or she wants in life and they are forced to choose the path their elders decide for them. Nge sem gi story explains nothing can’t be achieved if one has the will power and their tender age don’t make them not knowing what they want in life.

The movie is the very first of its kind and the film director, a nineteen year old twelve pass out student tells me having completed the movie itself is an example they can cite for they overcame all of the obstacles they had to face in coming up with the movie.

The group tells me we have always heard of youth being the future citizens of the country but it’s time to accept the fact that youth are also the present citizens. A movie any youth can relate, it has romance, dilemma and the path for determining one’s passion. Releasing in a few days, the group is planning to hit the schools all over Bhutan.

As for me I could only smile as they explained. A new gateway for films in Bhutan and it’s now that I see Bhutanese films going a step higher.

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