Thursday, July 2, 2015

Second round of plantation?

This piece is in response to the article published on Kuensel in regard to the Mass Tree Plantation in an attempt to set world record on June 2nd 2015. Well I am concerned on the headline "second round of mass plantation" this goes to the comments that followed the article.

So they have termed it the ‘second round of mass plantation’. Ever since the idea for mass tree plantation in an attempt to set a new world record was conceptualized, people had been watching like a hawk to how we are going about with the project.
The question of whether we could do was raised at large. After much ado all of the doubts and criticisms were put to rest with the success of the project.
The project itself was big and significant to leave any room for error and till this date and further the thought will be the same. Today marks a month after the event and pointing out that there needs another round of mass tree plantation is too early.
Not getting any offensive here and we appreciate your concern but just as a matter of fact, the mass tree plantation has given birth to BEGIN project (Bhutan-Eco Green Initiative Network), an autonomous body which will supplement on the well-being of environment in our country. The project will also make sure the trees planted on June 2nd survives and it will do numerous after care exercises for the next six years. The saplings which might occur to one as dead are indeed going through what the forest specialist term it as 'shock'. Hence the saplings which are in a state of  'shock' beyond its chances of  survival are constantly being replaced and this according to the Forestry officials are never to term plantation.
So it will be fair to say 'numerous after care exercises' is needed for now or that another mass tree plantation is needed if the condition of the saplings are same as of now after several years and then term it whatsoever.

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