Monday, July 6, 2015

Darwin's Theory in Plants

Being an environmentalist was never my dream and it isn’t for now either. But at times just like the way you prefer the paa and not the hoentshay and the overall curry I am fascinated by the theory of the survival of saplings which basically has to do with the happenings of the environment the saplings are placed in.
As ironic as I might sound, I am a passionate florist and consider myself a green thumb. I can live without a single furniture in my home but not without a single plant.
With the little idea I had on the treatment that has to be given to flowers in general as we nurture them, I am fascinated by the fact that plants in general share the life as we humans do.
Prior to the plantation date wherein Bhutan was to attempt the first ever world record, the saplings were kept in an open area and this was done to make the plants familiar of the environment that they will be living in henceforth said the plantation advisor.
Why so? Interestingly here applies Darwin’s theory, the survival of the fittest. The saplings that can make it through the harsh sun and the bitter rain shall be considered fit for the plantation.
If you happen to visit China, you probably will suffer from cultural shock on their monkey eating tradition or the fetus eating one. The plants similarly go through these stage while we transport them to an entirely new climate and hence take time to adapt.

                                          Every day is a learning experience.  

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