Thursday, July 16, 2015

Too much cars for a tiny city

The volcanic issue of the increasing number of vehicle in the urban area is about to erupt with severe consequences.  Peak hours in Thimphu is seen with an enormous number of cars jammed and shows a warning signal as to the number of vehicles equaling the number of people in years to come. The question of what needs to be done is out of the league when it comes to town planning because the thought of expanding the road seem an impossible task.

As an observer I feel the need to improvise on the public transport service making it easily accessible at any point so that people can trust to reach their destination given any location. This however the public feels is not reliable in times of emergencies.

Import of petrol and diesel from India has been stated at the largest contributor to the trade deficit existing in the country and listed as one of the main reason for the rupee crisis. Measures to overcome rupee crisis included substituting current vehicles with electric cars and getting rid of government pool vehicles. The result is just before our eyes.

It’s time to come up with more effective measures to suit people of any class or else in between beating around the bush the outcome will be beyond what we can handle.

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