Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A delightful note

Mr. Naren Dubay, the CEO of Scan Cafe has always been one of the few people who makes learners like us grow years in months. Setting up one of the largest company to employ the youth, scan cafe to this day provides work for about 700 Bhutanese.

Apart from work, he has always reminded us the luxury we Bhutanese have in Bhutan abided by the concept of GNH.  Learning is a never ending journey and I am thankful to have come across him.

"You guys live in heaven! (and some of you may not realize it)'
This is what he wrote to all of us after he left the country. No, it wasn't his first visit to Bhutan. After setting up Scan Cafe few years ago, he makes frequent visit to Bhutan.
Home is where the heart is and I am personally glad that Mr. Naren feels at home in Bhutan.

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