Saturday, June 25, 2016

Writing for pleasure

She told him she would love him and curse him the same. How can that be? It had made her too confused, confused of two feelings  lumping  at the same rate for a single person.

That's because he too had said, she would be his sweet and miserable memory is all. And that she would always have a place in his heart and mind but not in his life.

They were two person wishing they had not met because once they did, their life changed forever.
Before he met her,  he never thought he would be capable of loving a girl so hard because he had created a world where only he existed with an exception of few of his friends and family. His invited very few people in his circle.

She on the other end never thought she would one day receive love that she had not known of because she was deprived of every love, even her parent's.

Two people having a complete different notion on life, love and future met on a journey they thought they would travel together but not having known that the roads were bumpy.

Or maybe things happened for good. if they had been together they might have argued all day and night for unknown reasons. They did. Arguments were pointless.

But if things had worked out, he would have been the bread earner of the family and she a home maker. 
Was destiny playing fair on them?

I secretly dream to own a Novel and it would expand from this.

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