Friday, June 10, 2016

THE CRY - part 1

My pride in being a Bhutanese range to many aspects.  At this age, I don't think I have more room for growth. Meaning I am sure I am able to differentiate between what is good and what isn't. I would specifically like to reflect my pride in being born into this beautiful country and as a Buddhist.  Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to stress that we are the best because that would be a lie. No human is perfect.

However, we are one molded by Gross National Happiness. Too small a country, I know to be focused on individual happiness rather than country's growth but what's the point of working hard for a motherland if she do not provide a safe home.

My pride lies in us having a big heart. Not only the people but our dogs (stray), they are healthy. This is one parameter I consider among many for measuring this "big" heart. We believe in interconnectedness and for this very reason we have fear of everything having a meaning to our lives. This benefits in promoting a harmonious society.

Most importantly, we have Driglam Namzha and the etiquette far outweigh one's attitude. if one is provided a job, attitude matters . Every elders have advised us to be zab toh toh.

Dear foreigners (not all),  there may be a thousand criticism, we accept, smiling because refuting is not in our blood. If you set up your work here, you can't bring in your doings with you. Instead you should blend with the host. In the name of country's growth, you can't make our people fall.

More to this, if situation permits.

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