Friday, June 24, 2016

Didn't matter to them

 So a message has been inboxed for all of us by our boss. "If you had a magic wand, what are the Top-3 things that you would like to improve/change?" I don't know with what mind I wrote the following but I did it within minutes. I guess these were compiled over and over and somehow I had to release. After I was done, they told me my wishes had to be related to work. Oh! what a waste. I took nearly an hour to write the actual and intended  reply as opposed to this. Finally, I copy pasted finding it pointless to be honest.

My actual reply was the following.

First of all I would like to thank you for this interesting yet a very thoughtful question. I can't help but feel excited for it in a way captivates my imagination to freely think of what I would do given the freedom to improve or change the things they are. I am quite confused whether to relate this to the professional field exclusively but I guess if it was, then the question itself would have been specific.

To be honest, the first thing that came to me are the personal issues that I struggle with most of my days that I would like to be able to cope with, that too in a manner which would allow me to live a satisfactory life. My issues normally range within myself, an inner struggle to understand the things around me. Constantly telling myself things will fall in place or maybe I have read and heard too much that things will be okay. So if I had this power, be it only one wish, I would like to be able to find peace within myself.

I would trade my second wish to the career I have always dreamt of. I think if I stick to something that makes me happy, I will no longer feel like I exhausted myself or drained my energy, but it would simply fulfill my hunger to learn and experience whatever I can from it. With this I relate my passion for documentary making for which I place it as my secondary wish. I feel awkward to be sharing this wish of mine with you but honestly, me having joined this company has boosted me to cover what good it has been doing to my country and us, the youth in terms of employment and global exposure we are getting everyday through various lifestyles exposed to us. I am young right now and in the near future if ever I leave this company, it would be a pride for me to have worked with it.

There might be endless things I might wish for but the last wish, I would like to relate to our working environment. I would like to invest this wish in making things run smoothly in every working days. This sounds absurd because where humans are involved things can't be expected to run smoothly on a daily basis. However it would have been a pleasant sight to see all of it going the way we want it to. The company and us.

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