Friday, June 24, 2016


There was a session at the end of the book where several questions were asked to the readers. I have done my part reviewing it through one of the question.

Will’s right to die, and Lou’s determination to change his mind about exercising that right, is a theme that runs throughout the novel. How did you feel about Will’s decision at the end? Was it what you expected? Do you think the novel should have ended differently?

I have been telling myself I should not hover over too sentimental love stories written through some people's imagination. And the writer Jojo Moyes admits she isn't romantic in her real life. Whatever maybe the case, the story has left me pondering over and over again of their lives and believe me or not I have created my Will and Lou within my thoughts. They have started to exist and thank god, the movie is now out and I might go for it to get a proper sight of the story. Hope the movie will do justice to how beautiful the story is in the book.

Will's had my heart from the very beginning he was introduced. Characters like him make my expectations grow because the fact that I don't see him literally and I have liked him for the kind of person he is makes me want to go look for Will if a man like him ever exist and I don't mind being as stupid as Lou.

Well, from the point of Lou's entry, there never been a chapter where I saw Will withdrawing from his decision to die for good. I have known every bits of him and I didn't think of him as giving up his already made up mind. For this, I saluted him at the end.

Some people might think he is too selfish to have stirred Lou's heart and then leave her like she herself thought but I knew like I was Will's friend that he was not someone to have Lou sacrifice her entire life for him knowing she was capable of much more.

You see, great love stories do not always end on a happy note. Sometimes it's about growth. It's about how deeply you felt and how deeply it left a mark on you, memories so full it could last for  a lifetime. I wasn't cursing Will for his decision. I wasn't wondering how Lou might have lived thereafter.

                  Some stories connect us and we know things happened for a reason.

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