Wednesday, June 8, 2016


While the children played in innocence  they discovered two puppies trapped in the traditional basement of a Bhutanese structure.  No hesitation, went off and brought them into an open air. The children cuddled with them. They  were good looking pups but they were among thousands of other stray dogs in Bhutan.  Two of the girls decided to take them home, their second voices warning them of their mother's disapproval.

It should now be a proven fact that they really were beautiful because their family accepted to keep the pups as their pet.  Now we can't talk about both the dogs because I know only of one, the one which my family kept. I named her Lucy.

Lucy grew up to be more beautiful and a friendly dog. I am sorry I am right only on the beautiful part. She was friendly only towards me. However, she was aggressive to every new person or other dog she encountered. However, that did not bother me. I adored her the same. Never mind, a close family friend of ours envied Lucy and for some unknown reasons, they blended quite well.

It was one summer when Lucy was a year old and I went off for vacation at my grandparents.  It's unthinkable how I missed her while we were that was maybe I cared for her like my baby. I ain't a mother but I guess the feeling is something like that?

I will give you, my readers a moment to visualize my reunion with Lucy.  When I went back, Lucy came jumping and licking my face and I gave her a pat to know her I understood. That's a beautiful visual treat right? But that did not happen. Lucy wasn't there.

I threw hundreds of questions to my mother  to have one answered. Lucy had bitten a man and because our home was located in the prime area, we could no more keep him. He now stayed at our family friend's place with whom Lucy connected ever since.

No, that's not fair. I thought Lucy deserved a punishment for biting the poor man but  there's more to it. I ran all three kilometers and demanded Lucy to come out of that house. There he was, his tail wagging. I did not mind seeking the people their approval to take Lucy because she was never theirs in the first place.
Actually Lucy was never meant to be with us, my family I guess. Few days later, she vanished, nowhere to be seen.  
It's a hot summer day here in Thimphu. I am lethargic of the heat and the heat inside the car is unthinkable. I lazily look out the car window. The sight of Lucy hits me. No dog can be this identical but maybe they can.  "LUCY!"....  It's her. I tell my sister. "You assume too much"
we drive away.

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