Thursday, June 16, 2016


People are different. Can't deny the fact. We are different not just physically but there are million other indescribable personalities within us which makes every person to perceive things in a different way.  There are days when I am unable to figure out the kind of person I am. It's very difficult to come to a definite conclusion.
We live in a world of interdependence and where interactions of humans are involved, I feel that we have to take out time to reflect upon ourselves of how we as an individual have impact on other people's life.
I have a story, a very short one indeed.

Setting : Bhutan, 1980
Dechen and Dorji were childhood sweethearts. Their houses were separated by a river. There hadn't been a day where they did not see each other and the bridge which connected them was their meeting place.
One unfortunate day, the river washed away the bridge and this shattered both Dechen and Dorji. With no other means to connect them, they made a point to wave at each other every other day across the river.
After a long time, Dorji stopped coming and Dechen at first assumed of him encountering an avoidable circumstance. This went on until Dechen started to worry. She went on looking for solutions until one came into her mind.
Tashi was the wealthiest man in her village and the only person who owned a boat. Dechen went to request  him despite knowing that he was the most cunning person and a man who decided everything on a special return. Dechen requested him to have her plea accepted for which she was ready to give him anything he demanded.   
The demand did not range to money or wealth but he asked her to spent a night with him. Shocked, Dechen shouted at him and went to her best friend, Seday to seek some advice and share her grief. Seday on the other hand told her she can't say anything right away and  Dechen was invited for a meeting where all the villagers would be present.
Confused Dechen had no other option than to accept the dirty demand and cross the river to meet her lover. She accepts Tashi's offer and the next morning she is on the other part of the village. Dechen's excitement to see Dorji is immeasurable. She directly goes to Dorji's place and upon knocking his door, Dorji opens up the door looking exhausted and sick.
Dorji is astonished and questions of her arrival. Dechen is too innocent to lie and tells him that she had to spent a night with Tashi to be there. At this moment, Dorji do not listen to her second explanations and right away blame her for always making excuses when he had proposed for a night even though they had been together since childhood.
Dechen is shattered and cries hard. On her way back, she meets her brother Phuntsho. He is so furious after hearing to Dechen. He firstly go to the sailor, Tashi and punch him hard. Next, he goes to Dorji and does the same.

                                                                                 The end.

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